Our Church Family

Welcome to Immanuel

The spirit of God leads us to love one another, grow as believers and reach out to others with love and joy.

We invite you to come fellowship and be a part of the joyous adventure of following and serving our Lord Jesus Christ with Immanuel's loving church family.

Come Join Us on Sunday Morning's for Worship Service at 10:30AM, Childcare Available and Children's Church during Service 

Come early and enjoy music, laughter and coffee

If you missed this weeks service go to our Facebook and click on the link from dropbox, or email us and we will send the link.   


We invite you to a free seminar. Whether you are just beginning to consider adoption or have decided to adopt, this seminar will be of value to you. We will present an overview of what God's Word says about adoption in a multimedia program called Adopted by Design, which includes an interview with Mark and Melanie Hall (of Casting Crowns) and a Hallmark™ presentation of Steven and Mary Beth Chapman's story of adoption. 

Is adoption God's Plan "A" or Plan "B" for placing a child in your home? What is God's definition of Mother and Father? Is an adopted child your own? These intriguing questions will be answered along with many others. You will also hear adoptive families share their personal and profound experiences. 

You will be able to get a glimpse of the entire adoption process - including the end result, as there are usually quite a few babies and children in tow with their proud parents! Call to register today: 800-429-3369. www.awaa.org

Every Morning at 8 AM and on Tuesday's a Women's AA group at 6 PM, please contact our office for more information.

Co-Dependents Anonymous, is a fellowship of men and women whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships. The only requirement for membership is a desire for healthy and loving relationships. We Meet here at Immanuel every Wednesday Night at 5:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall. For information please contact Kay R. at (509) 747-6329

Colossians Bible Study

Come join as we learn and grow of a new, early church that grew out of Judaism from an evangelism campaign by Paul's protégés. They were in a very difficult, Greek, pagan culture and were having birthing and growing pains. They were being negatively influenced and thus confused by the spectacle of cults and false religions that surrounded them; they needed the True Savior. A church planter named Epaphras helped these Colossians embrace the new life and Way, so they were evangelized at the time of Paul's ministry to the Ephesians. They received the grace of Christ, but found themselves in further turmoil. False teachings, mysticism, empty philosophies, legalism, and traditions had buffeted its ramparts, threatening the health and wellbeing of the members and their evangelistic opportunities. They were under siege by false teaches and prideful men seeking sensationalism and mysticism rather than Christ as Lord. Christ's Deity was being challenged and rebuffed for more so called "clever and newer" ideas (Acts 19).
For information call the church office 

Men's Fraternity is designed to help men come together and strengthen each other through monthly sessions that combine biblical teaching and small group interaction.
We meet during lunch time on Tuesday's from 11:30 AM-1:30 PM. The locate varies and so does the topics. For more information please contact our church office 509-326-0951. Men fellowship and study time has changed the lives of many men at Immanuel Church and around the world. Please join us as we help guys become the men the Lord has always intended them to be.